A Leading SME Loan providing company

Client Brief:
The client is a leading loan provider for SMEs. The organization has a call center for lead generation and closure.
Problem statement:
Delight Small Business with the lending experience; so they tell others about
it, even when they don’t get a loan and
Significantly improve call center productivity.

Pensaar’s Approach:
2-day Site visit to the call center to observe and contextual inquiry with 8 agents and 1 manager
Listened to 25 call recordings, first-hand experience of calling into the call center
Reviewed prior findings from research with 90 customers and secondary research on loan market for Small Businesses



Agent productivity can be significantly increased on inbound calls by reducing Time spent repeating loan criteria multiple times on a single call and documenting small business information for proactive follow-up


Small Business’s experience can be significantly improved if agent communicates more holistically. A mismatch of communication between Sales and marketing team makes the process inconsistent


Lack of integration between the CRM and Core System on solving issues, leaving the agents do transactional calls. Not at all a good call closure.

Ideas were generated based on these key insights.

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