Think Independently, Together


Independent  Thinking

Diversity is the art of thinking independently together- Malcom Forbes

A technique we endorse here at Pensaar is Thinking Independently, Together. The objective is to ensure every person in the room has a say and is heard. It recognises the power of diversity and the impact it has on innovation.

  1. Instead of brainstorming everyone thinks independently and writes down their ideas individually on Post-It notes
  2. Provide inspirational material from secondary research along the line of thought to trigger ideation
  3. We additionally use our ideation tools(Biomimicry, Tech Cards, Idea Jackpot etc.) to spark ideation
  4. Once ideas are noted they are reviewed
  5. We affinity similar ideas and group them together, no idea gets left behind or judged
  6. Great ideas are set aside to continue to build on. Seemingly smaller ideas are then grouped together with other smaller ideas to make them stronger.
  7.  We then build on existing ideas using tools like World Cafe to make them more diverse and disruptive

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