Design Thinking and Pensaar

  • July 4, 2017
  • Pensaar

There are not many people around who know what ‘design’ is so forget about having a clue as to what

design thinking is. The purpose of using design thinking is mainly to understand your user better than

they know themselves, and create solutions or innovations that surpass their expectations. Design

thinking provides tools that allow much room for individual as well as collaborative creativity. The

beauty of design thinking is that it is not limited to a particular domain. I can apply design thinking to

solve a manufacturing problem as easily as I can apply it to design a completely new product.

While I already knew about design thinking and the process it involves, I could witness its power only at

Pensaar. The issues handled were so diverse yet the tools surprisingly aligned to absorb each of the

problems. The key point is to arrive at insights using these tools and that is the real challenge. Insights

are like seeds. Your solution cannot grow unless it is based on solid insights.

Arriving at insights might sound very difficult but practice helps a lot. I can see the difference in my own

thinking after observing and going through the exercises and on-field experiences. The key is to not get

stuck in the minds of your user but be able to get out and see what it is that they want but don’t know

that they want it.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to be able to use Design Thinking to your best benefit because if

used well, it is a methodology like no other.

 - Nishi Chitale, Pentern, Information Arts and Information Design Practices

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