Design Thinking in Product Design

  • July 3, 2017
  • Pensaar
- Chandrashekar Seivur, Product and Experience Design

I often get asked what I do as a product designer at Pensaar. What exactly are my responsibilities?

Product design is all about creating the right environment(product/system/service) with the right technology and then enabling people to facilitate an experience that will be valued by customers. The value customers attach to products and services is determined by the experience across the whole of the customer decision journey. My main focus has always been to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Design thinking process typically involves a creative and systematic approach to problem solving by placing the customer at the centre of the experience.

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During the process I conduct advanced ethnographic research and use proprietary tools to create a revealing picture of what my current and future customers really value and then go beyond the data to understand customer motivations and behaviours. I engage directly with the people I’m designing for as it is a necessary step in developing deep empathy and building better products and services for my customers.

As a product designer I aim at understanding the psychology and science behind how people interpret information, make decisions, and take actions - enabling me to deliver more effective designs. The key is to look at designs from the mind-space of an user and squash potential problems creating the look and feel of the whole product.

Giving real insight to UI designers when it comes to how certain features should work, or how a certain UI control should look. I oversee the product vision from a high level (how do features make sense for where we want to be in 6 months) to a low execution level (styling of product to impact user flows through these functions).”

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