Looking back at my year in Pensaar

  • June 15, 2017
  • godrejbiro
-Alisha Raghavan, Principal Designer  
My journey till I joined Pensaar has been a long, convoluted and self made path. It required a lot of soul searching, questioning what the Indian design industry was up to and choosing to go against convention. This last year at Pensaar has been gratifying in more ways than one! People may ask what could possibly be so different about this company from the rest. My answer to that is maybe to you not a lot but to me a whole lot. To be able to truly see the difference, I think one has to uphold similar values in working and learning that we all at Pensaar do. To others yes it may seem like any other consulting company working with numerous companies but to us it’s our approach and how we engage. What gets me and I know I can say us excited, has been working with companies across different industries, and the value we have been able to create. With every industry comes learning about a new line of work and solving for it. Here is what makes it different, our design thinking approach never claims to make us an expert in these different industries. Design thinking takes a very humble approach it starts with us accepting that we don’t know what we don’t know, and we need to collaborate with those who do to truly solve for a challenge at hand. It is because of this industry agnostic approach that in the last year we have been able to create value across companies ranging from finance, e-commerce, technology to retail, food and beverage and automotive. I can’t see what could be more exciting than that! It has been great to have had such a diverse team to work with, each bringing in different expertise and domain knowledge to the table. We are all so different yet freakishly similar. For one we all get excited to learn something new, have terrible taste in humour and nearly die of shame and embarrassment when someone gives us a compliment! We truly are a motley crew! It may have been just a year, but to me it might as well have been a lifetime. I have had a chance to see and do so much and work with so many great people that it’s like gathering a lifetime of experiences to recollect and reflect on. And while she may melt with embarrassment as I compliment her, Deepa the CEO and co-founder has played the biggest role in creating this journey for us. We are the crazy motley crew because of the filters through which she chooses people to get on-board (it could be a strange strain of DNA she may be looking for because I have to admit we are all a little cuckoo). Her leadership style allows everyone to go beyond who they are and what they are capable of doing to something they haven’t don’t before. I’m sure a lot of you have seen that motivational image of a circle being marked as ‘your comfort zone’ and magic marked outside it, well that’s exactly what she does she pushes you to do things outside your comfort zone so that you can create your own magic. Onwards I shall move to the next year of adventure, learning and fun!
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