• June 20, 2017
  • Pensaar

Whenever I mention that I am studying, or would like to pursue a career in design, many people don’t understand what this field is. Most people think design is all about “making things pretty!”. It is so much more than just that.

Design is about making things easier and simple. Design thinking is a crucial element in this process. Design thinking is the creative process of building products and solutions that beat customer expectations, and bring in a sense of delight. Before starting my internship at Pensaar, my understanding of Design Thinking was limited, and I had not realised how big a role Design Thinking plays. Pensaar swears by its Design Thinking process — Insight, Dream and Disrupt.

Insight — Before joining Pensaar, I did not know how important or necessary arriving at insights was. One of my first projects at Pensaar was to help redesign a fashion mobile application. To understand how users, interact with the app, we went to a shopping mall and interviewed some of the shoppers there. Based on these interviews, the not-so- obvious insights, and problems that users face, were gathered. This helped define a problem statement that we could all work with.

Being one of my first interviews, trying to keep the conversation casual and making the interviewee feel more comfortable, was also a bit of a challenge. Once the interviewee and I, both were comfortable, research guidelines, such as, asking open ended questions helped get detailed information, rather than just a yes/no answer.

Dream and Disrupt — While ideating, the advice given was to “think outside the box” and come up with multiple solutions. Pensaar’s approach of ideating individually, collaborating with others, and then going back to ideating individually, not only makes the product better, but you also start to truly understand your user’s mindset while using the product.

The entire cycle of ideation, prototyping and testing goes on and on!

Good is never good enough!

With each iteration of a prototype, there is a marked difference in the ease of use and efficiency of the prototype. “Keep it simple silly!” was my mantra while going through each of these iterations.

For most of the projects I had worked on so far, the only insights and ideas that I had gathered were limited to me and those residing in room no. 314 at my hostel!

Pensaar has made me realise how critical insights are and how simplicity in design is the new smart. It has been fascinating to see design theories, come to life, here at Pensaar.

-Kavya Rai, Pentern, User Experience Design

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