Case Study

Consumer Goods

Building Actionable Customer Insights

with a global manufacturing conglomerate

Generated non-obvious insights as primers to innovation. These created opportunities to revitalize existing products.


The client being a customer-centered company, we changed the way the marketing team would approach research and enabled them to carve out opportunity areas drawn from non-obvious insights. We helped create a culture of deep empathy that paves the way for innovation in products, brand building, revitalizing existing products and also for business model innovation.


We engaged in a 2 day workshop to deliver on our expertise in generating insights from qualitative research. We began with a quick primer on the relevance of insights and opportunity framing within the context of Design Thinking. We did this with our carefully designed Mobile Phone Design Exercise. Critical design research techniques and tools were explored by co-creating with the client and the newly learned research skills were then deployed in the field. The research was then synthesized using Pensaar’s unique tools.

Building Actionable Customer Insights
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