Case Study


Hyper Personal Financial Services

through an advanced platform powered by AI and Machine learning

Created an AI engine, that end-users would trust for their finances and make the user realize the benefits of the application at first glance.


One key solution from the many was an intelligent assistant that makes recommendations and manages your money for you. Ideas were conceptualized, wireframed and translated into visual designs to deliver a homogeneous experience for customer feedback. It also puts together their financial fitness, which would enable them to understand their current portfolio limitations and give control over their financial health to plan for their future.


Understanding users’ perspective in the financial aspect was of utmost importance to kick-start the project. For that, we extensively performed ethnographic research to observe user behavior across various age groups, financial backgrounds, gender and financial knowledge. This helped us in arriving on key personas that helped us design experiences based on user needs and expectations. Since there were no competitors in this space, we turned to research that presented the future of money to draw inspiration from and the new technology that made unique experiences possible

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