connect with end users

Importance of a Design Strategy for a Brand in India

A customer is four times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service related than price or product related

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Passport renewal

Design For Delight – My Recent Experience With Passport Renewal

The renewal experience was nothing like we had imagined, the entire experience was designed keeping the customer in mind and not on the whims and fancies of a few baneful bureaucratic officers sitting behind their desks.

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Diversity Unlocks Innovation and Drives Business Growth

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2016 Pensaar milestones

2016: Many Highs, Few Lows, A Few Misses, Lots of Learning, Absolutely No Regret!

That pretty much sums our first year. Punching well above our weights, backed by an unparalleled passion and commitment to our mission to make a difference – one experience, one customer at a time, it’s been a roller coaster ride we want to keep visiting! As much as we would love to talk about the […]

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PAY-IT-FORWARD PARADOX… The More You Give, The More You Receive

It was truly inspiring and motivating to see so many people pay it forward, we were blessed to have that kind of support. Gave us more passion and energy to realize our vision to spread the awareness and application of design thinking.

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Crafting experiences, which are awesome, by design #DTSummitBLR

Gerard Butler and his army of Spartans walking down the stone corridors of the beautiful and mythical surroundings of IIM-B paint a beautiful picture. It’s really not too hard to picture them there, blending in beautifully with the surroundings too. ‘Preparing for glory’- Like the Spartans, Pensaar too is setting stage for the ultimate revolution. […]

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5 Reasons You Should Be Making Time to Mentor Startups

A lot has been written about why startups and entrepreneurs should get themselves a few mentors. Today I am writing to share why I make time to mentor startups. As I have spoken to others’ like me, I realize that we tend to have similar reasons. Feels like there is never enough time in the day for […]

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How To Balance Worklife As A Mompreneur

The only way I know to be truly satisfied with the work-life balance I need is to ensure that I love what I do. How do I manage my work-life balance? I get asked this question in almost every mentorship meeting, in forums discussing women in the workforce and in most social gathering. An assumption […]

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3 Ways Education may change by 2030

Intelligent learning objects, Virtual classrooms that are self- paced, Bit sized, personalized and facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

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