Design Thinking Playbook

  • Pensaar
  • June 19, 2017
Research Inventors like Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs were quintessential innovators who used a problem-solving process called “design thinking” to revolutionize entire industries and establish an enviable competitive advantage for their companies. Organizations, big or small, require to re-invent themselves almost constantly to establish an enviable competitive advantage for their companies. Successful organizations like Pepsi, Apple, Airbnb have all used a problem solving process called “design thinking” to revolutionize entire industries. Design Thinking is helping entrepreneurs in our time directly approach complex problems and innovate disruptive solutions that change lives! Awesome experiences start with developing deep insights about your customer, creating a clear and well understood customer benefit. This Playbook Roundtable was held in Bangalore and led by Deepa Bachu from Pensaar. This Design Thinking Playbook waopen to innovative start−ups and passionate entrepreneurs who were ready to accept one of the first challenges in Design Thinking: Your user knows best! This roundtable was ideal for innovative startups who were looking to understand their customers deeply and create awesome, by design, experiences for them.
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