Design Thinking for start-ups at TiE Smac 2016

  • godrejbiro
  • May 30, 2017

Deepa, CEO and Co-Founder of Pensaar along with Madan Mohan Rao Research Director of Yourstory media conducted a workshop on design thinking for startups based on ‘8 Is’ framework: intent, insights, immersion, interaction, ideation, integration, iteration and intensification. The framework is based on having a mindset of customer empathy, continuous experimentation and ecosystem thinking. Design thinking and agile methodology have been credited with powering the success of companies like IDEO, GE Healthcare, Twitter and Apple.
Empathy maps (of what people say, do, think, and feel) reveal deep insights, though the process may be messy as designers move from Post-Its to storyboards. Prototyping is key for product development and customer engagement, said Deepa, drawing on a case study where a company team ‘pretended’ to be an IVR so as to better understand customer needs before coding the IVR decision tree.
Design thinking should be seen as a blend of insights, ambitious dreams, and disruption, leads to co-creation of unexpected delight. “Fall in love with the problem, not the solution,” Deepa advised founders.

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