How pensaar happened?

Evangelised Design
Thinking in a 800+

11 years ago, Deepa and her family packed thier bags and headed to india with apassion to solve customer in a country she grew up in and loved.

How can technology help the places I grew up in?” i was looking for an answer

Fasal a solution that tugs at the heart stings, pioneered design thinking in an 800+ organisation in India that went from being an engineering outfit to a company that creates products that delight customers.

Next Chapter
of my life ?

I’d like to write the next chapter of my life.. making an impact raising the level of design thinking in India. aspire to get tens of thousands of product and service companies create amazing experiences for us, their customers.

I believe the next wave of product and service experiences from India will be wildly successful- engineered and designed in India for the world! Thinking through design experiences will be essential for success. Design Thinking is as simple as drawing key insights by observing behavior, creating solutions/services that are simple and yet disruptive and finally, testing these solutions/services with real customers till you achieve awesome experiences, by design. With this vision in my heart, I co-founded Pensaar to help companies deliver awesome experiences, by design.