Ideation – Biomimicry

  • September 11, 2017
  • Pensaar

Draw inspiration from nature to design solution that are non-obvious.

The Biomimicry tool is a set of cards that describes nature's solutions to many of the challenges that innovators face every day. It details biological strategies, inspired ideas, and resources available in nature that we can use to draw inspiration for our own innovation challenges. 

It helps trigger ideation while exploring multiple solution spaces allowing us to be inspired by the laws of nature. 

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Makarand Purohit

I enjoyed using the Bio-mimicry cards in the DTSummitBLR. I would like to introduce this and use them in a session with our teams. I would love to have a set with me. Please help me with this. Or please direct me to some good resources if I have to create my own set. Thanks.