Ideation – Nieu Kombinationen

  • September 11, 2017
  • Pensaar
When you think disruption, the mind automatically visualises startups. Some of the hottest and boldest starts from the silicon valley have been a strong source of inspiration in this space.

Beneath disruption, lie the strategies or ingredients (if you may) which have propelled these startups to billion $ unicorns. We use some of these to help us connect the dots and explore possibilities for our solutions

How it works:

1.On each table, you will see 1 – 2 rubik’s cubes. Each cube face has a set of 3 words drawn from a list of features and functions of top performing startups.

2.Each team starts with a selection of 3 random words.

3.Build on your existing idea / concept, by trying to incorporate the words or their meanings to inspire new possibilities

4.20 mins for each set of 3 words (unless the team is really stuck) in which case 1 or 2 new words are brought into the mix.

5.Within an hour, the team would have gone through 3 rounds of ideation, with a set of 3 random words

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